Footprints Workshops

A Footprints workshop consists of one hour, one day a week, for eight weeks. All activities and sessions will be conducted in a group format led by three trained, non-related adult volunteers with 6 to 10 children in each group. All staff volunteers and facilitators are trained in the overall process, in the specifics of the activities, and how to recognize and work with the grieving children.

We place children in peer support groups with other children of similar age. The activities and games the children participate in are designed by mental health professionals and proven in experience  to help children understand their emotions and began to deal with them. All the  activities and games are group-based and emphasize the theme of “You are not alone.”

Getting the parents involved in the healing process is key in the child’s success. While the children’s sessions are being conducted, the parents or guardians meet separately with a facilitator trained to answer questions and provide insights.

The children’s sessions emphasize confidentiality and safety, so no one is allowed to go in or out during the workshop sessions. However, during the sessions, additional trained Footprints Supervisors are on site to brief the adults on exactly what is occurring in each session and what they might expect from their child following the session.

Note: All classes require a minimum of 6 participants.

If you are interested in a future Workshop, please contact us.
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